A Kate Granger X Sissitrix transgressive fiction production.

We’re telling tales.

Our gritty noir universe, Sin Street begins with the story of a woman in dire straits.

The Resurgent Whore is maltreated and abandoned by those she trusted most. We’re redefining boundaries and pushing decency to new limits, telling a tale of depravity, love, raw sex and romance.

Prepare to be shocked, enchanted and exhilarated, pulled on our roller coaster we guarantee might often be hard to read.

But that’s Transgressive Fiction right? Shocking but never illegal.

Can Erin, our despicably treated Resurgent Whore be rescued from evildoers, redeem herself, rejuvenate, ascend and exact revenge?

What of other characters in Sin Street? Who is without sin, and does anyone have pity or the shred of decency that separates us from rats in the sewers.

Kate Granger And Sissitrix

We're depicting an exciting, gritty and harsh world populated by interesting characters, locations, scenarios, plot twists and endings.

Sin Street exists somewhere between reality and an elevation of that.

Plots within plots, machinations, machines and an ever present underworld of disgrace will draw you between the light and darkness. We have tales of betrayal, violence, cruelty, revenge, redemption, love and sex for you portrayed beautifully in art and words.

We'll develop a comprehensive library of diverse writing and artwork, allowing readers to gaze into the darkest recesses of humanity, translating our story to their version of truth.

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A Kate Granger X Sissitrix transgression fiction production.


I write about romance, kink, desire, intrigue and the nexus where they meet.
I write the way I draw — dirty.